A R T I S T   S T A T E M E N T :

Beverly Branch

PO Box 1286

El Prado, NM  87529


(203) 240-1317

Exhibiting a sophisticated sense of color, award-winning artist Beverly Branch paints mostly women and children.

Her preferred subject is figures in nature, in situ, which she describes in a flowing and painterly fashion. Seeming to flicker with light and shadow, her compositions are evocative of the most beautiful summer day.

Women are painted as timeless vessels of lyrical grace. Her sun-drenched subjects are lush and organic, yet speak of the divine.

Inspired by painters such as Mary Cassatt, John Singer Sargent and Spanish artist Joaquin Sorella, Branch depicts a simpler era - when children and young people were more likely to spend time outdoors and interface with nature, acquainting themselves intimately with the world around them. Whether captured at the shoreline or climbing a tree, her children, ever curious, are shown at ease with the world. Girls and young women are likely to be depicted in flowing clothes that could very likely catch a breeze.

Through Branch's work, the viewer is able to witness another person's dream or discovery; thereby recalling their own.