About Beverly Branch:

 Beverly Branch of Branch Art Studios now located in Taos, New Mexico, has  devoted her working life to her art. She has worked as a successful illustrator.  Her true love, however, has always been painting. Her portraits and fine art,  as well as her illustrations, exemplify the joy she takes in both life and her art.

 Originally from Connecticut, she was educated at Paier School of Art. Her  achievements include shows at both museums and commercial galleries,  awards, commissions, and placements in major corporate offices such as the  Hartford Legislative Building, Bradley International Airport and the Stamford  Government Center.

 “As a painter I have had the privilege of roaming freely in a fantasy world.  Allowing images to float up from my subconscious, and then having them  direct me, is a powerfully spiritual gift. My figures are expressive of the  collective fragility of life, not so much in themselves, as in the act of  interfacing with this world of matter and time.”

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, please contact me.
Beverly Branch
PO Box 1286, El Prado, NM 87529


Procedure for Commissioning a Portrait
I've found the following procedure to be most productive and efficient: after you contact me, a meeting at your home or my studio will be arranged. I like to have an opportunity to get to know my subject and my client's expectations of their portrait before I begin. Ideally, at this time, we would discuss and agree upon the general style and size, confirm the price, sign the contract and schedule the sittings. A deposit is required at this time. Unless otherwise arranged, the portrait is usually painted in my studio. This process, usually takes less then 6 weeks.

A non-refundable 50% deposit is required before work begins. When the painting is done, the client will have a chance to review it and request any reasonable changes. Any major changes (i.e. change of pose, clothing or setting) will be quoted as additional. Upon acceptance of the portrait, the balance of the fee is due.

I can deliver portraits within 20 miles of my Taos studio.
The costs of crating, shipping and insuring, if required, are not included in the portrait fee.
Unless otherwise specified, your portrait will not be framed. If requested, I will select a quality frame, which will be quoted separately.